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Monday, July 23, 2012

Twin Girl I Spy Quilts

I made these two I Spy quilts for my infant twin great nieces earlier this summer, but forgot to take photos of the finished items before gifting them. I like to keep photos of the quilts I make, so even though these photos are far from great, they are all I have to record by posting here.

It drives me nuts when people dress twins identically. They are each unique people, and should be treated as such. So I made their quilts similar but not identical. I used different fabrics for the pink sashing; one quilt has a solid and the other a patterned pink. The backings are two different green fabrics, and the I Spy fabrics are put together in different orders. I wanted them to be similar so that in addition to playing "I Spy", the girls can also play the "match game" with their quilts by finding the matching squares on each of their quilts if they want.

I originally planned to make one pink and one purple, but my own twin daughters said they each would have wanted pink, so using 2 different pink fabrics was the better way to go.

I machine quilted them using stippling.

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  1. I was so excited to see a new post from you ! Hope everything is going smoothly out your way.

    Those are cute, lively quilts, and the idea of a match game is wonderful.....I'd play !