She seeks wool and flax, and works willingly with her hands. Proverbs 31:13

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rainy Day Inspiration

It has been cold, windy and rainy here for the last few days, and I needed something to brighten the day. So here are a few reasons I love springtime, and it inspires me.
 My irises began blooming last week, and I took a few individual shots before the rain set in. Here's another-

  The rest of them decided to fully open during the storm. The strong wind gave the flowers a beating, so I have no photos of  the eyecatching group.  But I find the vivid colors and shapes of the irises inspiring, I have a few ideas in my head for an art quilt.    

When I looked out the upstairs window the other morning, this little cutie was resting on the shortest stub of a branch he could find-

 When my kids were little, I tamed a few squirrels and they would eat from my hand.  They lost all fear of people, which made them very vulnerable, and sadly not everyone thinks they are as cute as I do. So for their safety I stopped  feeding them. But I still enjoy watching them and having them around.                      


  1. Oh, those Irises photograph so beautifully !

    Sorry the others took a beating......same way with my Geraniums.....fortunately, I finally thought to bring them in the house, after their blooms were all beaten off by the rain. Now they're back out and have already sent up a new shoot of buds !
    Cool and rainy here, too.........perfect sewing weather....that's why I'm prolific (that, and no houseful of kids to run after !) Poor hubby gets fussed out just for requiring 3 meals today ! Ha ! Praise the LORD that hubby has a good nature !

  2. Dolly, geraniums are great, you can enjoy them all summer:) Lol, it's great that you have such a good hubby!