She seeks wool and flax, and works willingly with her hands. Proverbs 31:13

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Rag Quilt Finished

I finally got this rag quilt finished yesterday. Last night I washed and dried it along with one of my dogs' tennis balls and the edges frayed nicely. It's nice and soft. I made this in order to use up the large amount of white, cream and beige fabrics I had. I do not care for white at all, so I am really not sure how I ended up with so much of it in my stash.

In my younger days, I went to Catholic school.  Every day for 12 years I wore a white blouse as part of my Catholic school uniform. Then I had to wear a white uniform in cosmetology school, and for the first few years I worked as a cosmetologist. Needless to say, I will never again own or wear a white blouse. In fact, I don't have any white clothes. And I don't care for white in my quilts either, I prefer lots of color. So I am glad to have this used up. On the bright side, it will not show the dog hair from Cosmo-

 Or Oscar-

It's not a good photo taking day for me, I'm having lighting issues, but here is a closer shot of the quilting. I machine quilted stars on all of the plain blocks and x's on all of the four-square blocks before joining them.

And this one is more true to the colors-

This was a fun project, and I would like to do another one in more fun colors.



  1. Neutrals are very calming. I like your colour combinations. They are very practical as well!

  2. Not showing dog hair gets MAJOR points !
    I like that you quilted stars, too.....all I ever do with rags is X's in the squares .
    Good finish........congrats !

  3. Allison, thanks, and you are right about neutrals, they are practical.

    Dolly, anything that doesn't show dog hair is a big bonus here:) The year I started this I guess I was going through a star phase, I had 3 different style star quilts going!