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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Quilts for Kids

When reading the blogs entered  in the Blogger's Quilt Festival back in May,  I came across a number of bloggers who had made quilts for Quilts For Kids.  This organization gives handmade quilts to kids in the hospital with life threatening illnesses such as cancer, and to children who have suffered abuse.
If you contact them, they will send you a free kit with all of the pieces precut, directions included. You need to supply the batting, construct the quilt per their directions and mail it back to them. They ask that you also donate a quilt of your own, so that more children can recieve one.

The photo above shows the kit I recieved this week. Here's another shot-

There are local chapters as well, so the quilts you make can go to your own community. I discovered that my local chapter donates quilts to the hospital where my son was treated for cancer when he was little, so this feels really right to me. After I finish the kit sent to me and mail it back to the national group, I will be making a few for our local chapter.


  1. I hope to get around to making one of those !

    So proud of my cousin !

  2. What a lovely idea. I live in the UK, and local groups make quilts for Linus. This is a charity which collects hand-made quilts to give to children who are seriously ill or who have had some trauma in their lives.
    The fabric prints in your pack look such fun. I look forward to seeing the finished quilt.

  3. Dolly, thanks, (blushing)!

    Mandy, Linus sounds like a wonderful charity! It makes me happy to know that there are groups worldwide that are bringing a little joy to children who have to go through so much.
    The fabrics in the kit they sent are fun, I think a child will like them:)